It was Boyfriend’s birthday and we were heading into town mid-week. Generally he doesn’t stir before 11am, we were pushing noon and he was craving a proper breakfast. Late breakfasts are a weekend luxury generally, so cue a bus journey of searching “all day breakfast dublin” and that’s when we came across Hatch & Sons.

Having heard good things before, I was excited to try out this Stephens Green-side coffee shop that promised an all-day baked-eggs special which fit right into Boyfriend’s Birthday Breakfast plans.

Smack-bang in the middle of tourist central, a-top Dawson Street, descending the steps down to the Hatch & Sons patio, the bustle of the street above melts away and suddenly you feel like you could be anywhere but mere meters from Grafton Street.

Beneath The Little Museum of Dublin, there is something distinctly Irish-y about the open kitchen/coffee bar and the centre island filled with homely baked goods. However, nothing about it is twee. Not even the mini milk bottles, wooden peg order line, or enamel tableware. That’s not to say they’re not adorable.

The much anticipated baked eggs lived up to the dream. A piping hot skillet arrived, still sizzling, to the table topped with a baked tomato, sausages and rashers with a side of brown soda bread, naturally. The site was so appealing, a nearby customer changed his order saying, “Is that the eggs? Ok, I need that.”

Every so often a waft of warm baking scents would float through the room as the heated up scones like the one I enjoyed. Don’t tell my Granny, but it was hella’ good. Not one of these over-sized monstrosities, just a nice scone; with which there is nothing wrong.

Proud home of a selection of Waterford Blaa sandwiches, there’s a little bit of everything on the menu. The vegetarian options are largely goats-cheese based, not a problem for most, but I think we all know my feelings on goats cheese at this stage … that said, with staff so nice I don’t think I’d have caused a fuss if I switched something around.

A sanctuary away from the buzz of the street above; next time we meet for a coffee I’ll probably suggest we pop in here. As will Himself the next he’s craving breakfast at lunchtime.