A few weeks ago a micro-trend of matt, warm brown eyes broke out among beauty junkies. It started with an out-and-out obsession with Urban Decay’s Riff, as detailed by the lovely Karen of LovelyGirlyBits. Not far behind was a re-discovery of Mac Uninterrupted, which many had in their stashes as a transition shade from days of super smoky eyes. It’s easy to see why it all took off so quickly – in a nation of blue-eyed beauties, a warm orange-toned brown does wonders for making our peepers pop.

While I give a lot of consideration to picking up Riff, for science reasons obviously, I first took a dig through my already well-expanded collection to dip my toe in the trend. Needless to say I dove straight in – but much to my bank account’s relief I didn’t have to make any new purchases.

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