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Unadulterated Taste

A little while back, Date Night was kicked up a notch with a very generous voucher for Taste at Rustic.

It’s a bold move, I feel, naming a restaurant in such a way that you’re making a promise to the customer of a pure, unadulterated, sensory experience. But once you dine there, you understand why.

The Fade Street/George’s Street junction, on the south side of Dublin city, has become something of a mini kingdom for Dylan McGrath, to the extent I’d conspire that there could be a network of secret tunnels under the road. Rustic Stone, has expanded from it’s initial incarnation as the flagship restaurant, to housing the Rustic HQ featuring the original Rustic Stone on the ground floor and in the basement, a chic cocktail bar, aptly named Bar at Rustic, on the first floor, and most recently, the Japanese-inspired cherry on top; Taste at Rustic.

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Brasserie Sixty6 As A Vegetarian

I have a theory that meat-eaters are afraid of vegetarians. I guarantee you this, if you were to organise dinner I would not be the awkward guest. I will always find something to eat. I know far pickier, meat-eating, people.

Even in a steak house, there is a meat free option. But the real question is, is it any good?

Brasserie Sixty6 is a classic example of a meat-lover’s haven, and yet not long ago my fellow-veggy sister and I headed along for dinner, and guess what – we got along just fine.

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