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In With A BANG

BANG, on Merrion Row is recommended in the 2017 Michelin Guide. I worked across the road for nearly 2 years. A school friend was formerly their pastry chef. It’s been there, quietly, consistently, for years. Yet somehow, I only visited this week. Keeping up with new openings is enough to keep you plenty busy¬†. Seemingly, we’re all guilty of it. In the afternoon leading up to our dinner booking, our plans were met with the same response from fellow city-centre-regulars, that being “Oh I’ve heard about it so often, but never been!”

Well now I’m telling you, fix that immediately. You won’t be sorry. I was – but only that I hadn’t been sooner.

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12 Gifts of Christmas – Foodie Friends

They’re the friends who always have a new hot spot up their sleeve. They get excited about ingredients you can’t even pronounce let alone have ever heard of. In theory, they should be easy to buy for – but you’ve already exhausted every variation of the oil and vinegar set.

What do you buy the friends who’ll eat anything?

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