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Cocktail Confessions in Harry’s, On The Green

I’ve said it before; and I’ll be the first to admit – I’m a cocktail snob (see: my review of The Blind Pig for context). This snobbiness comes with its own brand of judgement and dismissive comments such as “Oh, they “do” cocktails, do they? I’m sure…”

However, as 12 of us stood there, sipping a glass of gin, balsamic and basil we all agreed – we got this one wrong. We were quick to judge, had almost written it off before we came through the door – but Harry’s On The Green blew us away.

I was wrong, and I’m so glad I was.

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The Blind Leading the Blind

I’ll admit, I’m a cocktail snob. I scoff at Sex on the Beach, I’ve already moved past the Pornstar Martini and I’d see your mojito and raise you a Mint Julep.

There are two distinct trains of thought regarding cocktails – either you’re looking for something cheap and sugary or you’re looking for something to enjoy.

In their own words; “The city is often overrun with a plethora of overly-sweet, luminous concoctions that have little resemblance to the types of drinks once celebrated in bars all over the world, the Blind Pig serves the direct opposite. ” So say Dublin’s newest cocktail bar and I can’t argue with that.

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At last, Drury Buildings

I, like many others, have been long-drawn to the brightly painted walls of the Drury Buildings. A place where all sorts of sounds seem to spill out onto Fade Street as passer-by after passer-by asks “What’s that place?”

On my third attempt, I finally got in the door. Like I said, I’m not the only one looking to find out what this place is about. The food menu has yet to excite me despite the Italian influence, but the mirrored bar, piled high with coloured bottles, was calling my name.

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Kanpai, It’s Izakaya

If ever you want to show off to an out-of-town friend, or a younger sibling, that you’ve got the low-down on the coolest underground hot spots – talking like that won’t help, but bringing them here would.

Let me set the scene; it’s early evening, it’s raining and if you don’t get a drink in the next 5 minutes you’re going to start throwing punches – or, at least that’s my average Thursday.  Take a turn from Exchequer Street on to George’s Street and before long a door appears on your right. Atmospheric funk music and anime wall art draws you down below street level. Your eyes adjust – and you’ve arrived.

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