By now you’re probably seeing an underlying theme of red velvet and Victorian-style speakeasies in the bars I frequent.

A recent addition to Dawson Street, brimming with style and bearded patrons – for a long time it was known by me, and I’m sure by many others, as “That place with the funny name”, but since opening it has since made a name for itself in its own right. If you’re in the mood for something special, this is where I’d go.

Fronted as a Sweeney Todd looking wig/cigar/oddities store, Peruke & Periwig draws you in out of sheer curiosity alone. Catering to those in search of something out of the ordinary, it’s a mental workout trying to put your finger on just what it is about the place that makes you giddy at the idea of heading in there (if you can get in at all, the place is bloody tiny).

Down in the bar, or up in the restaurant, there’s a selection of craft beers as standard, whiskies and spirits and less of a menu of cocktails rather a catalogue. It’s safe to say Sex on the Beach is dead. Long Island Ice Tea is virtually unrecognisable – case and point, there’s no Coke in this one, just cola essence. Now you’re getting the idea.

Everything down to the monogrammed napkins has been meticulously planned.  The cocktail menu takes longer to read than the drinks themselves take to make. But its worth it. Expertly organised that you can hone in on just what you’re looking for whether it’s something adventurous, enter marshmallow infused vodka, or something girly – mine is the Nom de Plume, pictured above; Beefeater 24 Gin, Elderflower, Pomegranate, Rose Water, Lemon, Whites – frankly you’re spoiled for choice.

You pay for the quality here, and it’s worth every penny. And can I just take a moment to lament as to how beautiful the bathrooms are? I clearly have my priorities straight harping on about the loo so often –  but you’ll feel the same way one you see for yourself. My only complaint is that I don’t go here often enough.