While I do love me a fancy cocktail club, there will always be a place in my heart for a good dive bar. It’s the simplicity of it all. No frills or fuss. Good vibes, good music, good nights.

No-one does a good dive like Cassidy’s and in the past few years they’ve been expanding their kingdom; beginning with the storming success that is P.Mac’s, that quickly took up residency in my grown-up-grunge-kid heart.

This is the bar that you go months without visiting, but as soon as you walk through the door and think, “Why don’t I come here all the time?!”

Let’s begin with detailing how P.Macs is the essence of bar culture. Upturned lampshades, mis-matched upholstered seating, countless conversation-starters fixed to the wall and lots and lots of candles. The bar staff make you feel painfully uncool and above their heads is a  placard detailing a mind-boggling array of craft beers.  Forget your pricey Pringles and over-packaged peanuts, we’ve got some proper 90s crisps to relive our youth with. Meanies, Wheelies, Hot Lips – proper snacks! Oh my childhood, it aches with appreciation. During the day there’s boardgames and bar food. At night the soundtrack of indie funk helps ring in the evening. The word cosy gets thrown around a lot when talking about this place.

The main reason I love it? It’s not the abundance of skinny jeans, beards or beanie hats. Floral prints, adorable cardigans and various shades of red lipstick is the go-to uniform of the female clientele, which, don’t get me wrong, it’s a classic and I love it – but it’s something far more humble. It’s the snugs. I love a good snug.

The bar boasts snugs in a selection of sizes. The private pokes along the left hand side, the larger crowd-pleasers to the right and down the back. Get in quick though, because as you can probably guess they fill up fast. Your own corner in a crowded room. Somewhere for a chat, to put your drink down, and to have  a sit-down-dance (my favourite). If you’re like me and like to have a bit of a catchup while you’re out-out and about, then I’m sure you share my sentiments.

In what was previously an easily ignored location, just around from Stephen’s Green and at the top of Drury Street (Digges Lane if you’re looking to test your side-street knowledge) it’s ideally placed as a starting point for a mini Creative-Quarter Pub Crawl, especially given it’s early doors policy.

After work drinks? Long-over due catch-up? Quiet get-together around a birthday celebration? Pull up a seat.