A while back, the girls over at Viva Adonis did a wonderful “In & Out” post – and the format was just too good not to try for myself! I’ve been much better with my buying than I have been previously; only allowing myself replacement products, rather than building up a never-ending backlog.

In my first round of one-in-one-out, of course I gave myself license to experiment and try alternatives – and can now report back on how well my new recruits compared to their predecessors.

Battle of The (Cleansing) Balms

When the Voya Cleansing balm came into my life I knew we’d hit it off. Using this along with a muslin cloth or flannel, makeup is swept away and skin softened and nourished in a mere minute. A quick balmy massage would leave my skin clean and happy even on the laziest of days. The light bergamot scent was heaven in the evenings and the jar kept going and going for months on end which is nice seeing as it’s pricy, although it is a luxury spa brand, and Irish at that – it would make a particularly nice gift if you ask me!

When it came time to find a replacement, I took to The Body Shop, as the Camomile range had been getting quite a lot of press, especially in the are of makeup removal. With my drier skin, balms and oils instantly drew me in and I picked up the Camomile Cleansing Butter. At first the title confused me, but I soon saw why they drew the balm/butter distinction. Far more velvety and thicker than the Voya, it melts to an emulsion-like oil that feels softening and extremely nourishing. Gram-for-gram, you’re getting more for your buck with the butter than the balm, and the tin is far more travel-friendly – I think I’ll be looking to this range again to see what else it has to offer.


I was given this (very generously sized) sample of the Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner by a facialist to spritz during the day to refresh or use as a hydrating step for my vey sad skin. Despite its small stature, it lasted extremely well all the while getting me very accustom to the spritzing step; especially refreshing in the early morning. So when it started feeling light, I put The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Mist on stand-by.

You can’t go wrong with this range I think, and this product was no different. Simply put it’s a rosewater spray, which is like heaven for my skin, with the added benefits of glycerine to help soften and hydrate and other skin-nourishing ingredients. You can definitely sense the extra oil-y elements compared to the Dermalogica’s water-like consistency; but it really does the trick and leaves behind some very happy skin. I’m very much enjoying this particularly coming into cooler weather.

Conceal and Reveal

I picked up the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer along with the rest of the world, swept up by the hype – and yes, it’s fantastic. Creamy it is most certainly, the colour, wonderful. Brightening for sure is and it really delivered on coverage – we were on to a winner. I, somehow, powered through it (thanks to a less-than-good skin run and an accompanying phase of favouring a fuller-coverage) and right around that time, Urban Decay’s Naked Skin range released the Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, and the cosmetics community was whipped into a frenzy once again.

Worlds better, in my opinion, that’s foundation counterpart (drying and unforgiving)water-like fluidity and incredible coverage in even the tiniest quantities – it’s just super, and really suits the lighter, skin-like finish I’ve been seeking out lately. It’s a great double-duty product; light enough in texture for under the eyes, but with enough coverage and not in the slightest way drying (trust me, my skin would tell you) making it bloody brilliant on blemishes. Only problem now is – I can’t tell which one I like the most! It really comes down to what you’re looking for that day …

This one-in-one-out system ain’t so bad after all I guess – all the fun, but less clutter.