I count myself very lucky to take after my parents in the many ways that I do. Countless acquaintances have been regaled with the story of  my strong natural nails I inherited from my well-manicured Mum. Both my Dad and I subject our passengers to live commentary regarding house prices and historical tid-bits while on drives.

But of course, you can’t pick what you do and don’t inherit, and between my fair hair and the freckles; I also inherited my family’s dry skin type.

So over the years, I’ve had to learn to live with my daily dry skin dilemmas and what it is the world won’t admit it keeps from us …

Use Just Any Old Shampoo

Scalp is skin too and it’s all too easy to forget that. Guilty as charged. Hotel miniatures, heavy fragrances, deep cleaning – if I’m not careful, it’s not long before I’m left fidgeting and fussing at the follicles. Dandruff is one thing, and something completely different to having dry scalp. I’ve found that Head and Shoulders, especially the formula with almond oil for dry scalp, is a life saver; and it’s not too stripping on colour either. If it weren’t so damn pricey I’d sing it some more praises.

Take a Quick 5 Minute Shower

You may be in and out from under the water as quick as a flash, but the warm water and steamy surroundings wreak havoc on skin already struggling to hang on to moisture. Cue ritualistic moisturising, waiting and re-dressing – and while we’re on it, it’s not like just any strawberry-scented body lotion that will do, I’m talking emulsions, oils, lipids, glycerines. All the quick-absorbing creams in the world won’t help the fact you’ve to cover yourself head-to-toe first. Ziaja Olive Oil body lotion has been reigning supreme lately, earning it underdog status among my array of creams and concoctions. It’s cheap as chips and yet lasts, lasts and lasts some more. I’ve another bottle yet to use so I see myself in moisturised heaven for a very long time to come.

Get Your Scrub On

Body scrubs maybe, but face scrubs are strictly prohibited; and yet in a cruel twist of fate, sometimes it’s all you want to do is shift the flakey stuff and start-afresh. Eh, not so much. Dry skin is easily offended and so while everyone was off enjoying oat scrubs, muslin clothes and resurfacing face brushes I … well let’s be honest, I’m pouting in the corner. It’s when I started, gently, using acid exfoliants that the game changed. Natural AHA’s such as those found in gentle Boots Botanics All Bright range, or something stronger like the NeoStrada Glycolic peel, or the indisputable Alpha H Liquid Gold – helping break down and slough off the skin that needs to get a move on and allowing our skincare get to work on fresher, more receptive skin.

Buff. Anything. Ever.

“So, I’m just going to buff that into the skin…” Says the YouTube guru. It’s all very well for you, isn’t it?! I’m not bitter whatsoever. More often than not, too much of that motion aggravates my already-delicate skin and it’s as if I’m dry-brushing my skin in some sort of sadistic skincare ritual. If it’s a flawless, skin-like finish I’m after, I reach for a damp blending sponge like my Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – a true savior for drier skins. Buffing brushes are used sparingly, and instead a stippling brush, with its softer, more flexible and forgiving bristles blends out base beautifully.

Share your #dryskindilemas if you feel so inclined, we’re all in this together.