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My Best Brow Combo

I’ve spoken about my favourite Blonde Brow Products not long ago, but without decent brows to begin with you’re only going to get so far.

Brows can be a pretty personal thing, and rightly so. If eyes are the windows to the soul, these are the frames. So I’ve been salon-hopping for a while to find my favourite combo to keep my brows in check.

Let me introduce you to my current regime and why it’s deadly.

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Blonde Brow Boosters

Ok I may not have to visit the salon so often, but blonde brows do carry their own burdens. That being; sans-product they’re next to invisible. The term boiled egg springs to mind when thinking of my featureless face staring back me from the early morning mirror.

So with the brow brigade beating their drums in the beauty world and products popping up around every corner it was to be expected that I amass quite the collection in my search for The Ones (i.e. one for every occasion and price point)

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Daily Dry Skin Dilemas…

I count myself very lucky to take after my parents in the many ways that I do. Countless acquaintances have been regaled with the story of  my strong natural nails I inherited from my well-manicured Mum. Both my Dad and I subject our passengers to live commentary regarding house prices and historical tid-bits while on drives.

But of course, you can’t pick what you do and don’t inherit, and between my fair hair and the freckles; I also inherited my family’s dry skin type.

So over the years, I’ve had to learn to live with my daily dry skin dilemmas and what it is the world won’t admit it keeps from us …

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A Week On the Lips

This is kind of cheating, because this little collection is a lot longer in development, but that being said it did come together pretty quickly.

Yes, I’m terrible; but they’re in there because I love them; and I must love them for a reason, right? Collecting in the bottom of my handbag over the past while, there’s definitely a theme happening. Mauve-y neutrals and rusty reds, and a variety of finishes and applications to suit your every mood.

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First Blush of Spring

Spring makeup is the polar opposite to Winter.

It’s like makeup rehab; going cold turkey giving up the vampy lips (as much as it pains me) and taking up a new fresh faced routine. That’s not to say the makeup has no drama, because it gives us the unique opportunity to brighten up our days with some fresh Spring colour.

Much like the early-rising snowdrops and crocuses, the first blushes of spring are peaking through and are a sight for tired, wintery eyes.

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The Scent Spectrum: Florals

Perfume, for me, will always come back to florals. Roses, Jasmine, Lavender, Orange blossoms – you name it. For centuries we’ve been spritzing ourselves with spring-time scents and exotic blooms.

It’s said that originally respectable, high-society women, strived to bottle the scent of a single, elegant garden bloom – while the racy and exotic courtesan-types sought heavier fragrances with more depth and muskiness.

My favourite perfumes have always been mostly gourmand,  white florals. The classics. Something timeless, with a story to it. So I thought it only natural that my first Scent Spectrum post be on florals.

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Soft and Smokey for Spring 2015

I might be a Spring baby, but I’m no Spring chicken. I’m all about Autumn/Winter. I love those smokey eyes, live for the vampy lips. All these pinks don’t suit my pre-rougued cheeks and I can’t be dealing with this fresh-faced malarky – this face sans mascara equals boiled egg.

With that in mind, imagine my surprise when I spied a spring collection what wasn’t pinks, pastels and pearls. It’s theatrical, tempestuous and very, very tempting. Oh, and it’s Nars.

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The PoreOClock Slump

Benefit, in my eyes, are a bran d of benchmarks. They don’t have a sprawling range of multiples, their product line is concise and full of old favourites against which I judge new and old comers alike.

This is why they have such a range of cult-favourite, best-sellers in their midst – including, but by no means limited to, Porefessional primer.

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