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All Day Every Day Base

Offices are particularly trying conditions for foundations. Warm, stuffy, drying, high pressure – I’m searching for something that can stand up to the challenge. However, I don’t believe that, when it comes to foundation, flawless is interchangeable with full-coverage. Let’s remember, I still want it to look like skin.

I’ve tried many a foundation in my day, likewise primers, and recently I’ve been repeatedly reaching for this combination of products to satisfy my search for the ideal all-day, every day, base.

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The Scent Spectrum – Darker, and Dirtier

Since I can remember my Granddad smoked. It was cigarillos for the longest time, but when I was about 10 he moved to the pipe. I remember one of my aunts picking up the cube of pipe tobacco from the end of the kitchen table, saying “Gosh, I love the smell of it.” I remember the corridor of the house, late in the evening, filling with the sweet, earthy, smokey scent. At the determined age of 75, he quit smoking. But my love for that end of the scent spectrum didn’t.

It’s no surprise that my preferred perfumes feature many of these qualities. Darker, more opulent, raw fragrances. Those that say more Dive Bar Diva, than Pretty in Prosecco …

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Autumn on the Eyes

A few weeks ago a micro-trend of matt, warm brown eyes broke out among beauty junkies. It started with an out-and-out obsession with Urban Decay’s Riff, as detailed by the lovely Karen of LovelyGirlyBits. Not far behind was a re-discovery of Mac Uninterrupted, which many had in their stashes as a transition shade from days of super smoky eyes. It’s easy to see why it all took off so quickly – in a nation of blue-eyed beauties, a warm orange-toned brown does wonders for making our peepers pop.

While I give a lot of consideration to picking up Riff, for science reasons obviously, I first took a dig through my already well-expanded collection to dip my toe in the trend. Needless to say I dove straight in – but much to my bank account’s relief I didn’t have to make any new purchases.

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Bathtime Beauty

With the weather that’s in it, I decided that bath season was upon me, and so announced to my household that I was taking to the bathroom and was not to be disturbed. It was as I was meticulously setting up my supplies for my evening of personal pamper-age, that I realised that, much like the sporting heroes of the same weekend, I had a full-blooded Irish lineup in my midst.

So I only thought it fair I share seeing as that’s what I do here.

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In & Out: New Skin Just In

A while back, the girls over at Viva Adonis did a wonderful “In & Out” post – and the format was just too good not to try for myself! I’ve been much better with my buying than I have been previously; only allowing myself replacement products, rather than building up a never-ending backlog.

In my first round of one-in-one-out, of course I gave myself license to experiment and try alternatives – and can now report back on how well my new recruits compared to their predecessors.

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Liner Line-up

I was late to the liner game, outside of smudgy kohl that is. I lost literal hours to the flimsy liquids with limp bristles and runny formulas. For the longest time I gave up, but eventually the appeal of the vintage wing and the graphic liner drew (get it?!) me back in.

Over the years with many trials and even more tribulations, I’ve been loving three distinct styles of liner that have proven foolproof and failsafe no matter what the occasion; be it trying to look put-together in work or trying something new for a night out.

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The Age-Old Question

I heard the most fascinating fact the other at an event with Vichy – Only 30% of skin aging is inherited, the other 70% is behavioral, environmental, circumstantial.

You can’t “turn back the clock”. The fact is, the damage that shows through in your 40s and 50s is done in your teens and twenties. “Anti-Aging” has had to transform to be more realistic. It’s not about undoing the damage, but at the very least keeping it from happening in the first place or getting any worse.

Prevention is always better than cure; and this is the approach I’m taking with my own skin.

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The Extra Steps

I’m not the best at managing my time. Many days I’m running on the bare minimums. Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise. Primer, foundation, concealer, mascara. Out the door.

Then there’s times I’ve got a little more time on my hands, and I can go beyond just the bare minimum and take a couple extra steps. Not completely necessary, and maybe they don’t make a hugely significant difference, but they’re a nice extra step. Even if I might be the only one who notices.

Here’s to the extra steps, and why we love them.

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