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Beauty Icons and Beating January Blues

It’s the New Year and everything is about resolutions and inspiration. Now, having the hobby I have, I’m of course thinking of beauty inspirations with which I want to surround myself with.

If somehow you managed to sleep through the fireworks – you’d be hard pushed to miss the barrage of “special announcements” that signalled the beginning of a new season and a new year of girl power (Spice Girls anyone?) And with these announcements came some strong contenders for my beauty inspo each of whom represent the transformative power of makeup.

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12 Gifts of Christmas – Foodie Friends

They’re the friends who always have a new hot spot up their sleeve. They get excited about ingredients you can’t even pronounce let alone have ever heard of. In theory, they should be easy to buy for – but you’ve already exhausted every variation of the oil and vinegar set.

What do you buy the friends who’ll eat anything?

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12 Gifts of Christmas – Something Sparkly

Maybe a Rolex was slipped under the tree or your parents got you a pair of white gold hoop earrings  à la Gretchen Weiner – Christmas, or Hanukkah in Gretchen’s case, has long been associated with jewellery.

Jewellery is a very personal gift to give; which can make it equally as difficult to buy. But don’t break out the Argos catalogue yet – Elizabeth Duke has no place under our tree.

The secret to buying jewellery this Christmas is this – keep it simple and make it special.

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12 Gifts of Christmas – Home Birds

I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately. I’m sure you have too. I do like giving presents so I do, and there are so many types to be buying.

We’re very lucky in Dublin to have shops to fit all our gifts needs – so with all these shops and all these presents to get, I thought I’d put together a run down of my go-to’s when it comes to finding that special present for that special person.

The first up in my present-buying pigeonhole is The Home Bird – those who have flown the nest and are gettin’ to featherin’. Some super snazzy homewares are in order!

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Gifts That Keep On Giving

Gift sets and I have a fickle relationship. They’re a handy gift, nicely presented and often a bargain when it comes to bulk buying.

But let’s face it. No matter how nicely it sparkles, or how great the free toiletry bag is – there’s one, glaring problem, staring right back at you. The dud.

It’s the fly in the soup, the lipstick on your teeth, Raaa-aiiin On your Wed-ding Day. That one jerk who has to spoil it for everyone. Fortunately, somewhere along the line, someone took the hint and there are some cracking gift sets out this Christmas (get it?!), without a dud in sight.

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The Story of COS

Allow me to introduce you to my happy place. Where Scandinavian cool meets city street style.

It’s H&M grown up. All the clothes you see other people wear and wonder where they’re from. I’ll bet you a structured skater skirt it’s from COS.

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