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Bandwagon Brunch – San Lorenzo’s

Hype is a dangerous word, no matter what the industry. Over-hyped beauty products see many pennies spent and broken hearts. With restaurants, a good review can cripple the capabilities of otherwise competent staff as the bulging reservations book weighs them down.

This, however, was thankfully not the case when I visited the  highly acclaimed San Lorenzo’s.

Simply put, it’s a case of – Hear the Hype and Book It Anyway.

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Baggot Street for Brunch – The Waterloo

One benefit of being a Twitter addict (btw are you following me yet?) is that sometimes you win things – and recently I won brunch for two in The Waterloo on Baggot Street.

I had been to The Waterloo once for drinks, and genuinely hadn’t given the possibility of lunch there much thought past maybe some decent pub grub. However, I’m someone who won’t mind being proven wrong – and wrong I was proven!

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Fresh From The Farm

Mum tells the story of dating Dad in the 80s as a vegetarian and how you’d be lucky to get a plate of overcooked pasta with bad tomato sauce. Whatever your reason for eating veggie, organic or gluten free, be it ethical, medical or otherwise – it’s safe to say it’s getting a lot easier to eat out in Dublin in the last few years.

The Farm was one of the first places to cater to this subculture palette, I’m just surprised it’s taken me this long to try it out.

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Mix It Up With The VCC for Dinner

Yes, the Vintage Cocktail Club are cocktail specialists. That’s a no-brainer – but did you know they put on a cracking spread? I, for one, wasn’t sure if they had so much as a bowl of olives until I happened upon their for brunch one Saturday.

But the star of the show is the dinner. So good, in fact, that a week later Boyfriend is still talking about it and I hailed it as “food so good you’ll fall asleep with your makeup on”. Which I may have done (read: most definitely did)

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Sober Lane – For Those Who Don’t Brunch

Let me be the first to say that I’m a serial bruncher. It’s everything I love in a meal. Coffee, alcohol, toast, eggs and frivolous garnishes. Anything that qualifies eggs benedict and a cheeky wine at 1 pm and I’m your gal.

But I’ll also be quick to admit that I know not everyone shares my irrational love for this midi-meal – something that became that bit clearer to me during a particularly sobering brunch last week (get it?!)

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Get Thee To Etto

Etto tingled my spidey senses not long ago . Before I knew it, anyone I knew who liked their food seemed intrigued by it, which made me think I should be intrigued too.

I was uncharacteristically impulsive and agreed to meet a friend for lunch without so much as even glancing at the menu – which I’m thinking I should do more often, because this time around it was a very pleasant surprise.

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The Only Burrito You Need

The burrito revolution rages on. Daily, torilla-wrapped battles are fought on the streets with friends turning against friends as the argument as to which burrito better is teased out.

Well, let me weigh in with my own expert opinion. I’ll set the scene. It was 3 years ago, Boyfriend and I happened upon a college friend of his who tells of his new job; which was conveniently located down the road from where we were working. That, ladies and ladies’ friends, was how we happened upon Little Ass Burrito.

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