Super Miss Sue’s sprang up on the scene what seems like a lifetime ago. There was always a sense that these guys were set about doing something different, from the moment that subtly snapshot of a retro Roz Purcell popped up on social media. Soon it became clear this place was far more then just posh fish and chips – and it’s become a real flagship for the group as they ooze New York chic, as well as waft the scent of hangover heaven, out onto Drury Street.

On my “Must Try” list for quite some time, I was invited along by Zomato to sample their brunch menu – something I physically can’t refuse even if I tried; and at last I got to see what all the non-stop fuss was about.

The backbone of SMS is, as you can probably guess, is seafood – and why wouldn’t it be,  I don’t have to eat it to appreciate our legacy as a fish-loving nation. Sure there’s the Friday night traditional and finger-shaped tea time snacks – but what’s that they say about the number of fish in the sea?

While it may be Ireland’s finest fishy friends on the menu, it’s Italian New York chic all around; and not in a tacky-try-hard way, in a attention to detail, straight out of a movie-set kinda way! But that’s enough small talk, we’re all here for the main event.

A classic brunch starts with a good Bloody Mary. The original hangover cure. Hair of the dog courtesy of a good measure of vodka, just enough salt and rich tomato juice to start you back on the path to rehydration, and carefully prepared nibbles to ease you back on to solid food in the form of a mini pickle, boiled quails egg and a prawn (of course). It’s easy to get a bad Bloody Mary, but this one is damn good. Enough of a kick to give you a good kick up the ass, but not so much vodka to knock you back down.

The brunch menu, frankly it blew me away. Crafted by a pedigree culinary team (executive chef Karl Whelan is of former Chapter One and Fade Street Social fame) – hence my title, Brunch – Only Better; it’s classic brunch dishes elevated to a whole new level. Three of my fellow brunch guests ordered the Crab Salad, which sat atop a much commended hash brown. Myself, I asked for grilled cheese, hold the ox cheek marmalade. I couldn’t resist, it’s my go to New York dish, and it didn’t disappoint. I could go on and on about the ooey-gooey sourdough goodness … but I won’t. Just know that I loved it. (cue Homer Simpson drool)

We shared desserts, sure it’d be rude not to. The tiramisu panna cotta is a dream, light and rich all at the same time, with a good measure of liqueur down the end.

I’m already planning my next trip back – more than likely opting for the €3 unlimited coffee (how Yankee all together!) and the Bloody Mary Eggs. Hailed by SMS themselves as soon-to-be classic, and who am I to argue with the experts?