I have a theory that meat-eaters are afraid of vegetarians. I guarantee you this, if you were to organise dinner I would not be the awkward guest. I will always find something to eat. I know far pickier, meat-eating, people.

Even in a steak house, there is a meat free option. But the real question is, is it any good?

Brasserie Sixty6 is a classic example of a meat-lover’s haven, and yet not long ago my fellow-veggy sister and I headed along for dinner, and guess what – we got along just fine.

Brasserie Sixty6 was the last of the Dylan McGrath trio I was to try (before it became a foursome in recently!). Each of his establishments have a distinct theme, Brasserie Sixty6 is based around high quality meat, and in particular rotisserie cooking. I’m not going to pretend I know much about the carnivorous end of things, because I don’t. But it says something about a place that is packed out on a Thursday evening in January serving mixed meat sharing platters and even offering whole suckling pigs if that takes your fancy (with pre-booking, of course).

The menu is big; from seafood, to lamb, steaks and oven roast rotisserie – on top of that, they also bake their own bread and have four, count them four, vegetarian options. Take it from me, that’s more than most.

Between us, we ordered the Butternut Squash Risotto and the Spinach Ricotta tortellini. There was still the baby veg tagine or an aubergine and brie fritter to choose from. But we were feeling a carb-loading session.

The risotto was the star of the show. Rich, creamy flavours without being sickly and the candied walnuts and parmesan seasoned rocket leaves gave perfect balance. It’s a dish I’ve had in a few restaurants before, it can very easily go wrong, but not this time. Thinking about it now I’d happily go back and order it again very soon. (Dinner? Anyone?)

The tortellini was the weaker of the 2 dishes. I think maybe you need to be a dedicated Italian restaurant, making mountains of pasta by hand to really make this dish a “wow”. Not that it was particularly poor, but the risotto was stronger. If going again, I’d probably choose to try the tagine rather than have it again.

But can we talk about the bread for a second?! We shared a complementary wedge of fresh olive bread after we ordered, which I could have happily eaten all evening. Like I said, it was a carb day!

Brasserie means a relaxed, casual dining experience – and that’s exactly what it delivered. If I were to organise a group dinner, meat-eaters and veggies alike, this is exactly where I’d head. I recommend signing up to their newsletter because they’re very generous with their special offers.

Great for: groups, especially with a wide variety of tastes.