Ok I may not have to visit the salon so often, but blonde brows do carry their own burdens. That being; sans-product they’re next to invisible. The term boiled egg springs to mind when thinking of my featureless face staring back me from the early morning mirror.

So with the brow brigade beating their drums in the beauty world and products popping up around every corner it was to be expected that I amass quite the collection in my search for The Ones (i.e. one for every occasion and price point)

At the most basic of course we start with the humble pencil. Soap&Glory and Catrice have produced suitably ashy pencils,  such as Arch de Triumph; unlike some brands who’s lightest shades are unrealistic reddy-browns that frankly look bizarre (I’m looking at you Light Brown from NYX). My problem with pencils is they haven’t been as refined as eyeliners in that they aren’t as soft or, well, nice to use.

That’s when the new generation brow pencils came in, beginning with the now iconic Brow Wiz from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I made a bee-line for the stand when in the States (given the difficulty of sourcing one on our shores for a reasonable price) and came home with the shade Taupe. Aka, my brows but better. However, terrified to run out of my new beloved, I felt I simply had to check out a much hyped dupe: Soap & Glory Archery in Blondeshell. Already winning on the name. In every other way the two are indistinguishable in terms of payoff, formula and colour. S&G is far more easily obtained and €10 compared to upwards of €20 is a no brainer. However, while I’m lucky in that their blonde shade is a winner for me, the 2-shade-range may be restrictive to others. That said, I will never be without a Blondeshell Archery pencil from this day forth – but I will also pick up an Anastasia the next time I’m State-side … for science reasons.

The newer generation of brow boosters, tinted brow gels; have reigned supreme in my eyes in terms of launches. It began with Maybelline Brow Drama, a simple yet effective light-brown gel; which, if I’ve missed a tinting appointment, is the quickest way to add a little something something up top. But when a hint of tint isn’t enough, then we’re into styling products like Benefit Gimme Brow come in. Gimme Brow started my love affair with this type of product, with it’s mini brush and fibrous formula that bulks out my brows like never before. Again, the price-tag (€24) made me wary of making it an every-day staple. For the role of understudy  I auditioned Catrice Eyebrow Filler (very, very fair, minimal “fill”) and Rimmel Brow This Way (OhMyGodWhereHaveYouBeenAllMyLife?!). At only €6, a bigger brush than Benefit but still very manageable and highly recommended by Sinead of Viva Adonis, I’m planning on keeping this gem on permanent backup. I can’t say enough good things about it.

Special mentions go to Soap & Glory, who dominate in the budget-brow-space let’s be honest, for their ultra-sleek Archery Brow Tint & Precision Pencil. I’ve since learned I’ve got the wrong shade in Brownie-Points, but it’s not too far off; a light, ashy brown, but I’ll be on the lookout for their Love is Blonde pen too (although why this range doesn’t mimic the pencil range is beyond me…). Still, with the ultra-fine pen and waxy coloured pencil, it’s basically Instagram Brows on the go. Also, Eylure have been bringing their brow-game; their Control & Shape Gel is miles beyond the gluey gels of the past and Tame & Define Wax pencil is a winner for taming unruly strays for Insta-worthy arches.

So you see, blondes do have more brow (with a little help …)