With the weather that’s in it, I decided that bath season was upon me, and so announced to my household that I was taking to the bathroom and was not to be disturbed. It was as I was meticulously setting up my supplies for my evening of personal pamper-age, that I realised that, much like the sporting heroes of the same weekend, I had a full-blooded Irish lineup in my midst.

So I only thought it fair I share seeing as that’s what I do here.

Straight out of the gate; we set the mood. Partially because I was also adding a dried seaweed product to my bathwater the effect of which transforms my bathroom what could be easily likened to a small fishing village as far as the nose is concerned; but mostly because I love the smell to death – the Recharge candle from Celtic Candles was set a-flame. I fell in love with this brand when I first stumbled upon them at the Professional Beauty Trade Show. Handmade only a stonesthrow away in Dublin, no department store pick-up or big brand bell jar has ever come close to the value and quality of these beauties. 100% organic plant wax, never before have I had candles that burn so cleanly and so well. Recharge is a heavenly blend of neroli (white flowers, gotta love em), geranium and clementine.It’s getting a lot of use on my wind-down weekend to help and the medium pop-jar size lasts and lasts; hardly a dent was made after my extended soaking session.

To further mask the smell of the sea I added in a Pixy bath bomb, in lavender of course. I’ve had these for a very long time, having picked up a 6 piece multipack. But frankly the citrus scents don’t appeal to me at all, I’d happily take home an all-lavender or the rosebud set in future. It wasn’t too strong a scent, and the small size does just fine; I don’t see the need for the monstrosities of other ranges  – I also find them a lot less likely to leave grit and grim around the bath when I’m done.

Once suitably soaked I reached for my newest favourite, the Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil, as a followup step in my mission to buff and de-fluss my pins to perfection. Many oils are a hazard in the steamy surroundings of a bathroom, but not this one. The dry oil formula is very quickly absorbed, while still remaining super hydrating and softening, all the while wafting a light lavender scent that makes me feel “Aaaahhh” all over. It’s especially nice just before bed, as lavender is always a scent I associate with rest and relaxation. I bring this little bottle from the bedside to the bathroom and back again, and even on nights in the Boyfriend’s – who’s also become accustom to it (read: has become so obsessed with lavender has taken the sachets of it from hotels and put it in the pillows.)

Needless to say I slept like an over-stimulated toddler coming down from a sugar high after a bouncy castle party – and am already planning my next bath time bonanza. Am I right?