A few weeks ago a micro-trend of matt, warm brown eyes broke out among beauty junkies. It started with an out-and-out obsession with Urban Decay’s Riff, as detailed by the lovely Karen of LovelyGirlyBits. Not far behind was a re-discovery of Mac Uninterrupted, which many had in their stashes as a transition shade from days of super smoky eyes. It’s easy to see why it all took off so quickly – in a nation of blue-eyed beauties, a warm orange-toned brown does wonders for making our peepers pop.

While I give a lot of consideration to picking up Riff, for science reasons obviously, I first took a dig through my already well-expanded collection to dip my toe in the trend. Needless to say I dove straight in – but much to my bank account’s relief I didn’t have to make any new purchases.

Newcomer Flormar has been popping up in Irish pharmacies since the summer months. Originally I looked at the Nude Dudes palette and thought, “oh nice, some neutrals” – until I took a second look recently, specifically at the warmer brown shade second from the end. At only €9.95, this five-piece is a classic minimal makeup offering, but that warmer transition shade is a rare enough find in the aisles. It’s not too warm that it’s orange, more of the cooler-neutral Uninterrupted than the rusty Riff – but all this makes it super wearable. I’d recommend a primer for durability, but I’ve no complaints in the payoff department. Any dustiness in the pan is negligible in the grand scheme of things, as a bargain buy it’s pretty hard to beat.

Another newbie, to me at least is a cream offering from Laura Mercier. This is a trial size of the Eye Basics cream eyeshadow in Tawney, warm rusty brown, I picked up as part of a goodie bag last year. This has been in my mini makeup bag in the office for a number of weeks as it’s just the ticket for a longwearing eye look. A semi-matt finish, you don’t need any primer or to set it with a shadow at all – it just stays put. On its own, or as the base for more shadow, it’s a bright, warm terracotta tawny that really complements blue eyes if I do say so myself.

Finally, something that I had in my collection all along and regularly rediscover is Buck from Urban Decay Naked palette. This was my go-to shade for warming up the crease of a smokey eye for the longest time now it’s a one-wash wonder. The quality of the shadows is undeniable; far superior in earlier palettes in my opinion. It’s cooler than Riff, but still a great contrast on blue eyes – and it also means I get more use out the palette as a whole and I know I’m not alone in my palette neglecting ways.

My new favourite Autumn eye look consists of any of these as a wash all over the lid, blended into the crease and along the lower lashes, with a black or dark brown (or deep plum!) eyeliner smudged along the lashes – with all the mascara possible piled on to top it off.

It’s a refreshing change from the blended and built up looks of the last few years – not to mention miles quicker to apply!