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Brunch, Only Better

Super Miss Sue’s sprang up on the scene what seems like a lifetime ago. There was always a sense that these guys were set about doing something different, from the moment that subtly snapshot of a retro Roz Purcell popped up on social media. Soon it became clear this place was far more then just posh fish and chips – and it’s become a real flagship for the group as they ooze New York chic, as well as waft the scent of hangover heaven, out onto Drury Street.

On my “Must Try” list for quite some time, I was invited along by Zomato to sample their brunch menu – something I physically can’t refuse even if I tried; and at last I got to see what all the non-stop fuss was about.

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Bathtime Beauty

With the weather that’s in it, I decided that bath season was upon me, and so announced to my household that I was taking to the bathroom and was not to be disturbed. It was as I was meticulously setting up my supplies for my evening of personal pamper-age, that I realised that, much like the sporting heroes of the same weekend, I had a full-blooded Irish lineup in my midst.

So I only thought it fair I share seeing as that’s what I do here.

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What Running Taught Me About Life

I cried every year at Sports Day in Primary school. Annually, the anxiety drove me to relentlessly begging my Mum  to take me home.

Last year, however, realising my extent of my sedentary lifestyle, I signed up for Running Made Easy with Run With Tina and last weekend I crossed the finish line of my first 5k.

Crossing under the clock, quite appropriately sound-tracked by Jess Glynne’s Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself, was the culmination of a long learning curve – not just of panting, pacing and posture, but of learning a lot about myself.

I’m fully aware that this has the potential to sound unbelievably pompus – and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. I’d be the same had I, and also friends who subsequently did the same, witnessed it first hand. So here we go – 9 things I learned about life, when I was learning about running.

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In & Out: New Skin Just In

A while back, the girls over at Viva Adonis did a wonderful “In & Out” post – and the format was just too good not to try for myself! I’ve been much better with my buying than I have been previously; only allowing myself replacement products, rather than building up a never-ending backlog.

In my first round of one-in-one-out, of course I gave myself license to experiment and try alternatives – and can now report back on how well my new recruits compared to their predecessors.

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Ascending The Winding Stair

There’s less of a hype around The Winding Stair, more an ever-present hum. A hum of appreciation for the epicurean excellence that pours from the room. With something of a magic touch, the team behind the Winding Stair are also responsible for The Woolen Mills just a few doors away, and The Washerwoman in Glasnevin.

I booked us in on a whim for date night, a part of my mind waking up to remind me I had meant to try the food here. I left, full, and giddy at just how good it was.

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Liner Line-up

I was late to the liner game, outside of smudgy kohl that is. I lost literal hours to the flimsy liquids with limp bristles and runny formulas. For the longest time I gave up, but eventually the appeal of the vintage wing and the graphic liner drew (get it?!) me back in.

Over the years with many trials and even more tribulations, I’ve been loving three distinct styles of liner that have proven foolproof and failsafe no matter what the occasion; be it trying to look put-together in work or trying something new for a night out.

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Our Place

There’s not much on this street. It’s the back of most places, a way to somewhere else. But soon, a familiar aroma seeps from under heavy, blackened doors. The monogrammed handles suddenly appear, framed in the mighty doorway, adorned with plaques and stars.

We push through, and it’s not so secret any more. The bar area bustles, tables chatter, a bed of music rises and falls under the volume of the crowd inside. A family of tourists are being apologised to, as there won’t be a table “for about another 45 minutes”; we slip on through; it pays to call ahead.

We sit by the wall, glancing at the food menu out of habit and then taking a look around the room; realising we’ve lost count of how many time’s we been here. Himself smiles from across the table, “Our place…” he says.

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The Age-Old Question

I heard the most fascinating fact the other at an event with Vichy – Only 30% of skin aging is inherited, the other 70% is behavioral, environmental, circumstantial.

You can’t “turn back the clock”. The fact is, the damage that shows through in your 40s and 50s is done in your teens and twenties. “Anti-Aging” has had to transform to be more realistic. It’s not about undoing the damage, but at the very least keeping it from happening in the first place or getting any worse.

Prevention is always better than cure; and this is the approach I’m taking with my own skin.

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