I, like many others, have been long-drawn to the brightly painted walls of the Drury Buildings. A place where all sorts of sounds seem to spill out onto Fade Street as passer-by after passer-by asks “What’s that place?”

On my third attempt, I finally got in the door. Like I said, I’m not the only one looking to find out what this place is about. The food menu has yet to excite me despite the Italian influence, but the mirrored bar, piled high with coloured bottles, was calling my name.

The essence of cool after-work drinks, that’s precisely the kind of crowd that were gathered. Low light, rustic wrought iron and chunky wood, there’s something of a downtown New York warehouse about the place. Fitting, for a building that once housed a fabric manufactures. It’s what I always hope for old buildings like this.

The bar menu is extensive to say the least. The sister, drinking partner for the evening, bravely ordered a Manhattan; which delivers a swift kick up the ass in terms of burbon. I panic-ordered a BB-tini, overcome with too much choice. 9 times out of ten, drinks I order either contain elderflower or they’re purple – this was the latter. It was adorable, I’d have another in a heartbeat. Blueberry and Basil syrup deliver the BB element and the tini comes from the Lemon vodka. Shaken with egg whites it’s a terribly pretty drink.

If I had a complaint? It’s the typical new-place-on-the-block-curse, staff work in the hippest venue everyone’s talking about, and they know it. I would have appreciated someone letting me know what the story was, because if I’m honest I still don’t quite understand the place! No surprises, seeing as its a blood relative of No Name Bar not a stones-throw away; so an air of mystery comes as standard.

What I will give it is that the smoking area is adorable, there’s that word again. Buried between the buildings, high brick walls and dainty garden furniture – as a non-smoker it’s the kind of smoking area you don’t mind sitting in. Everyone is happy.

Will I visit again? Probably, I’m a sucker for a good cocktail menu, and there’s at least 5 more I’m dying to try. Got a friend with whom you’re long overdue a catchup with? Set the date and see you there.