Offices are particularly trying conditions for foundations. Warm, stuffy, drying, high pressure – I’m searching for something that can stand up to the challenge. However, I don’t believe that, when it comes to foundation, flawless is interchangeable with full-coverage. Let’s remember, I still want it to look like skin.

I’ve tried many a foundation in my day, likewise primers, and recently I’ve been repeatedly reaching for this combination of products to satisfy my search for the ideal all-day, every day, base.

My sister is a fan of full coverage foundation, and like many flawless-fanatics, is a frequent user of Estee Lauder Double Wear – famed for it’s high coverage, mat not flat, long-wearing performance. I’ll admit, it looks beautiful, and she arrives home from a day of work (in an animal shelter no less) with a full face still in tact. However, that level of coverage isn’t for me.

I’ve my fair share of redness through my cheeks, and some post-breakout pigmentation still to clear up, so more than anything I’d like something that evens out my skin tone to bring everything closer in-line. However, the staying power of the Double Wear was undeniable.

One day while I was being a super older sister, picking up a new bottle of her usual, I noticed they carried a light formula – no prizes for guessing the name, Double Wear Light. It stuck in my mind, and, uncharacteristically without reading any reviews, I found myself at the counter a few weeks later, chatting with the assistant. She assured me it was long wearing, oil controlling and light on the skin, I was an easy sell that day and walked away with the lightest shade – Intensity 0.5.

I’ve found that in lighter foundation formulas there’s as much a need for colour correction as there is coverage, and so while I’m quite a cool colouring the hint of yellow in the base taking down the redness brings me up to more of a neutral. As promised, it doesn’t melt away during the day, but unlike other light foundation formulas I’ve tried, it doesn’t dry out through the day. Applied with a kabuki brush for optimal blending, the finish is satin soft, no masking of the skin; and makes it a great choice for a no-fuss, every day foundation that I can rely on. Not a week after I picked up my bottle, did Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup, hailed this same product as her go-to for every day too.

To add even more glow and staying power, I’ve long advocated the use of primers for every day. Not everyone does, but I prefer to have a layer of something(s) between my bare skin and foundation. First I apply the Flormar Illuminating Primer (reviewed in more detail here by the super fantastic Robyn Rants and Raves), which I’ve found to be light, hydrating and yet managing to control shine throughout the day, Matt is not the right way to describe the finished effect, more like satin. It’s something of a jack-of-all-trades primer. For even more glow, sure it’s spring time after all, I’ve re-discovered my L’Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light primer which, as the  discerning Dani of The Rebel Lipstick points out, is comparable to the Mac Strobe Cream in its glow-giving abilities. Light iridescence is delivered without the need for chunky glitter, and instead skin is lifted to new healthy heights.

Fuss free foundation, five days a week and beyond.