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In With A BANG

BANG, on Merrion Row is recommended in the 2017 Michelin Guide. I worked across the road for nearly 2 years. A school friend was formerly their pastry chef. It’s been there, quietly, consistently, for years. Yet somehow, I only visited this week. Keeping up with new openings is enough to keep you plenty busy . Seemingly, we’re all guilty of it. In the afternoon leading up to our dinner booking, our plans were met with the same response from fellow city-centre-regulars, that being “Oh I’ve heard about it so often, but never been!”

Well now I’m telling you, fix that immediately. You won’t be sorry. I was – but only that I hadn’t been sooner.

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Experiments in Trying to Be a Nice(r) Person

I’d be very quick allow someone to get under my skin and become annoyed by the very way they breath. We’ve all been there, right? Or on occasion, glass of Sauvignon in hand, the girls and I would have a good old grievance-airing session. Let she without sin cast their judgement on our weakness – we’re all human.

The most important thing, I feel, is to recognise when I’m unduly having a go and make an effort, where I can, to rise above it. No harm in opening your horizons and challenging your less-than-nice thoughts; you never know you might learn something.

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Why I’m Not Quitting Blogging

You’d be forgiven for thinking that, seeing it’s been one week short of a year since my last post, that I’ve left the Blogosphere. I thought I had too*. Many have and are doing so increasingly. In many ways, it’s been the end of an era recently.

Particularly in the past few years, months, weeks and even days; the Irish blog scene has become fragmented, fraught and downright frosty.

Our world, which at its inception was  self-regulated, independent, diverse and groundbreaking – has now succumbed to the escalating pressures of readers, commentators and brands alike – and the underlying theme of the dispirited farewell posts was that “blogger has become a dirty word”.

However, let us remind ourselves what happens under great pressure. This, my friends, is how diamonds are formed. If the world “blogger” has become smutty, maybe, instead of discarding it, we give it a polish.

This is why, I’m not quitting blogging.

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All Day Every Day Base

Offices are particularly trying conditions for foundations. Warm, stuffy, drying, high pressure – I’m searching for something that can stand up to the challenge. However, I don’t believe that, when it comes to foundation, flawless is interchangeable with full-coverage. Let’s remember, I still want it to look like skin.

I’ve tried many a foundation in my day, likewise primers, and recently I’ve been repeatedly reaching for this combination of products to satisfy my search for the ideal all-day, every day, base.

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Unadulterated Taste

A little while back, Date Night was kicked up a notch with a very generous voucher for Taste at Rustic.

It’s a bold move, I feel, naming a restaurant in such a way that you’re making a promise to the customer of a pure, unadulterated, sensory experience. But once you dine there, you understand why.

The Fade Street/George’s Street junction, on the south side of Dublin city, has become something of a mini kingdom for Dylan McGrath, to the extent I’d conspire that there could be a network of secret tunnels under the road. Rustic Stone, has expanded from it’s initial incarnation as the flagship restaurant, to housing the Rustic HQ featuring the original Rustic Stone on the ground floor and in the basement, a chic cocktail bar, aptly named Bar at Rustic, on the first floor, and most recently, the Japanese-inspired cherry on top; Taste at Rustic.

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The Scent Spectrum – Darker, and Dirtier

Since I can remember my Granddad smoked. It was cigarillos for the longest time, but when I was about 10 he moved to the pipe. I remember one of my aunts picking up the cube of pipe tobacco from the end of the kitchen table, saying “Gosh, I love the smell of it.” I remember the corridor of the house, late in the evening, filling with the sweet, earthy, smokey scent. At the determined age of 75, he quit smoking. But my love for that end of the scent spectrum didn’t.

It’s no surprise that my preferred perfumes feature many of these qualities. Darker, more opulent, raw fragrances. Those that say more Dive Bar Diva, than Pretty in Prosecco …

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The Complex Art of Female Friendship In Your Twenties

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” ― Elisabeth Foley

I wish I knew where that came from, but it feeds into a train of thought I’ve been having for quite some time recently.

Lately a close friend revealed to me her quest to “be more grown up”, which meant not begrudging people for their choices. It was terribly mature, and made my feel incredibly guilty for my grudge-holding ways. Whether or not it effects you, it’s all to easy to have an opinion on someone’s decision to leave their job, kiss somebody or dye their hair – especially when you’re so far removed from the situation all there is for you to do is make a judgement.

There have been a  myriad of events that have brought me to reflect on but between this conversation with one of my closest friends, and reading Sali Hughes’s “The Importance of Maintaining A Girl Gang” on The Pool recently, saw this come to a head in, well, my head.

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Autumn on the Eyes

A few weeks ago a micro-trend of matt, warm brown eyes broke out among beauty junkies. It started with an out-and-out obsession with Urban Decay’s Riff, as detailed by the lovely Karen of LovelyGirlyBits. Not far behind was a re-discovery of Mac Uninterrupted, which many had in their stashes as a transition shade from days of super smoky eyes. It’s easy to see why it all took off so quickly – in a nation of blue-eyed beauties, a warm orange-toned brown does wonders for making our peepers pop.

While I give a lot of consideration to picking up Riff, for science reasons obviously, I first took a dig through my already well-expanded collection to dip my toe in the trend. Needless to say I dove straight in – but much to my bank account’s relief I didn’t have to make any new purchases.

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